Christenson Advisors Launches New Service Delivery Partnership

Christenson Advisors is pleased to announce the launch of a customized service delivery focused on exclusive and confidential representation of top commercial brokers and teams.

This specialized representation, offered exclusively by invitation only to teams identified through industry performance and valuation, will be spearheaded by Katie Becker, Managing Principal, in partnership with Robert Bagguley, Founder and Principal at Bespoke Real Estate Advisors, Inc.

Having previously worked together on numerous assignments, Katie and Robert are excited to partner in creating win-win opportunities for both the teams and their future employers.

Katie brings proven experience in exclusive representation of commission brokers as well as leading a global commercial real estate service company’s recruitment efforts. Robert brings more than forty years of executive leadership within global commercial real estate services companies representing owners in the recruitment and development of brokerage talent.

The service includes team identification and valuation, development of team resume and marketing materials, strategy and identification of the perfect platform that maximizes the specific team’s potential for future earnings, and representation and subsequent negotiation through the entire process.

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Total Top Executive Pay at Real Estate Companies Increased 28%, Christenson Advisors Analysis Finds    

Total compensation rose for top executives, according to a same-store analysis of participating companies in Christenson Advisors’ (CA) 2016 Real Estate Compensation Survey.  Higher values of long-term incentive grants primarily contributed to the increase in total pay.

The CA analysis found total compensation for Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) increased 16.1%. Total compensation includes base salary, annual incentives/cash bonuses and long-term incentives such as restricted stock, stock options and the annualized value of other real estate interests.  The analysis, based on over 100 real estate companies of all types, sizes and geographic regions, revealed that while CEO salaries increased 2.6%, annual incentives/cash bonuses increased 3.7% at the median.  Long-term incentives, often the largest component of executive pay, increased 9.8% at the median.

Total compensation for Chief Operating Officers (COOs) increased 27.8%.  COO salaries, annual incentives/cash bonuses and long-term incentives increased 3.9%, 9.5% and 14.5% at the median, respectively.

Lastly, total compensation for Chief Financial Officers increased 27.5%.  Salaries increased 4%, whereas annual incentives/cash bonuses increased 8.9% and long-term incentives increased 14.7% at the median.

CA’s 2016 Real Estate Compensation Survey includes 338 commercial and residential real estate companies, the greatest participation in the survey’s history.

For more information, or to purchase a copy of the survey, please contact Scott Kolb, Principal, at or 312-214-3480.  The report serves as a valuable benchmarking resource to compare your company’s pay practices to the market, detailing company information and compensation data for more than 120 positions broken out by ownership status, platform type, asset class, revenue, total capitalization/gross assets, assets under management, number of employees, and incumbent location.